Residential Design

Each one of the spaces where you spend your time can make a significant difference to your happiness.

A home should be an escape; it should provide privacy, solitude, and relaxation. Without the possibility of privacy, we become anxious, children are unable to play or do their homework, personal relationships suffer, and we cannot relax.


Corporate Design

An office is a space where you will spend 85% of your time; it therefore needs to feel like a home-away from home.

Form will create a cohesive atmosphere as well as uplift and energize -the working environment by adding life to a space. Form will space plan, select the appropriate furniture and manage the entire project.


Retail Design

A retail space needs to entice consumers.

Spaces must therefore be designed in a way that an ‘experience’ is created for consumers.

Form will custom design a space that is tailored to the kind of product being sold in that space.



  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Our designer will meet with clients to discuss various design and fabric options. We will also advise on different options and sizes. Once the client agrees. Form will quote on the clients requirements.

An Idea can be brought forward by a client or by our designer. often a client has seen an image of a Sofa or a piece that they love. If not our designer will get an idea of what the client is looking for and come up with some ideas. We do conceptual mood boards to help clients picture the entire look and feel before being executed.

Once the client and designer have agreed on a certain look and feel. Form will build a bespoke piece. We can custom make anything you dream of and will try our best to bring clients dreams to life.

Once a client is happy with the quote, we get the green light and from there its GO!! We build their custom piece and make sure it get installed with professionalism and checked under our microscope.




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